iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 3 – Speed/Battery/Multitasking/Heat Test Comparison Review!

Another speed test on the iPhone 7, this time we are going to stack it up against the #1 device when it comes to performance the OnePlus 3. Enjoy!

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32 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs OnePlus 3 – Speed/Battery/Multitasking/Heat Test Comparison Review!

  1. LtheYAK

    That was a demolition not a comparison ive just switched back to iphone having used android for years last phone was the s7 edge.
    The software shines as this video shows and will always be quicker due to this.
    2gb ram on iphone is the equivalent to 4gb on android.

  2. Levis Semakala Ljungkvist

    You have to take into account that most apps in apple story are purely optimized for stock iphones, where as google play supports about 50x more devices. It doesn't mean that the op3 is slower it simply means that apps are better optimized on the apple store. I would like to see you try this test with a custom rom for the op3 you'll get different results for sure.

  3. Ale Zuvic

    The A10-iOS combination is a beast, nobody can deny that.

    Since I'm already married to Google services and CyanogenMod is very hard for me to let Android go and I sincerely prefer the OnePlus 3 over the iPhone 7 because of the price and the screen size, plus the Dash charging system. Not to mention the headphone jack! LOL

    But yeah, the iPhone 7 is a terrific device apparently.

  4. morgan matthews

    benchmark wouldn't even open and you gave it the point? OnePlus had no issues. Besides the fact that Apple and Android apps aren't designed the same so opening speeds aren't really fair, surely.. if you have multiple apps open.. apple will break down💀

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