iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Test REMATCH! (iPhone’s animations turned off)

Rematch speed test between the iPhone 7 vs the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. First test, the animations on the iPhone 7 wasn’t turned off therefore test result could have turned out differently. So now since both animations are turned off and the Galaxy S7 Edge just got a software update in performance will find out which one will finally come on top.

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38 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Speed Test REMATCH! (iPhone’s animations turned off)

  1. Javier Torres

    Im an Android lover, but im also a developer for both platforms, i was using a Nexus 6 and switched to an iPhone 7 just to test it, it is a nice device thou, speed is actually great, display is a thumb down for me thou, but definetely i would never choose samsung for an android device, i hate touchWiz, i would go with a Pixel, One+3 or any other Android flagship over a Galaxy device.

    The iPhone 7 is a very nice device, the simplicity of iOS just makes it nice to use, and dont let me wrong, im a fond user of Android, but lets be honest, it is a fair competitor.

  2. Misko Ignjatovic

    iPhone 7 with 32 gb of memory is slower than 128 gb,cause write or read spead is like 9x less then on the 128 gb model , consider that please… 🙂

    Sometimes Apple doesn't tell you the difference between 32 and 128 except "bigger storage" :)

  3. Derek Matthews

    Okay, let me start off by saying I have always been a fan of Andriod. However, if iPhone had ever come out with anything superior to Andriod at a competitive price I would purchase one. With that being said, lets point out a few things that are wrong here:

    1. S7 functions at a higher resolution which would most definitely effect performance and battery.

    2. S7 has a much larger screen that could take a larger portion of power so it is really not right to compare the two.

    3. S7 is 7 months old now.. Was that iPhone just purchased? Devices do degrade with age.

    4. Lets not forget that the S7 is powering not one, but two screens.

    5. AND Lastly, w(who)tf cares if iPhone won, it has no SD card slot.

  4. Gabriel E JAYNE

    hi pretty cool comparative! i'm brazilian guy and i have a doubt about buyer a s7 edge now or waiting the new iphone 7…my profile user is gamer and i have a iphone 6. in this moment i have a doubt if s7 edge have a poor performance in front of iphone 7 but, in your opinion its not occur right? the benckmarks not make justice in usuability and gaming performance right ?

  5. ToshMatik

    Don't forget, the iPhone 7 is doing this with half the RAM and just a dual-core. The Exynos is a octa-core (probably just uses the quad-core) and 4GB of RAM. Making it even more impressive for the iPhone!

  6. Fredrik Anehall

    I dont understand… Galaxy S7 edge came out last year in march… Comparing it to a brand new phone… test with Note 7 instead… Ppl paying for iphones blow my mind, its like buying a 1 year old samsung phone… Paying extra bucks for a brand aint my game…

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