iPhone 7 vs Sony Xperia X Compact – Speed Test!

iPhone 7 vs Sony Xperia X Compact – Which Compact phone is Faster?
The X compact took a pricecut recently – US:
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20 thoughts on “iPhone 7 vs Sony Xperia X Compact – Speed Test!

  1. Pat Bell

    Both phones are very good, but the fact that the X compact outperformed the iPhone 7 on many aspects says it all, Sony is the king of software optimization! The iPhone 7 is almost 2 times the price of the X compact, but somehow doesn't manage to be blazing fast and take crystal clear photos. Not a bad phone though…

  2. Djinhi

    iphones suck, i had a lot and i think its a btch. iphone got nfc, but cant use (with my canon d80). itunes suck too and its a lot of work find another way to get music on it. android is maybe a btch too but gives you more options too work free without hoein round. but one thing is fact, the design of the iphone is simply good. sooso…anyway i got the sony and it was the right choice :-)

  3. Norbury Chen

    I really like the x compact. And there aren't many good choices for small phones right now. After watching your tests, I might actually buy one, if something happens to my nexus 5x.

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