Putting my iPhone 7 to 4 different waterproof challenges!
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39 thoughts on “iPHONE 7 WATERPROOF TEST!

  1. Tori M.

    If you're worried about water damage I recommend the S7. That is what I have and its completely water resistant. I've dropped it in the toilet, I've held it under water at the beach for long periods of time, its gotten completely soaked for periods of time without a case and it still works like new. I have even recorded videos of my phone going under water, having it in the water being splashed and it is still a great phone. I've read some of the comments about phones being damaged from water months later and I can guarantee you the S7 is phenomenal. Its been months since I've taken it to the beach and like I said earlier, everything works as if it is new. It doesn't glitch, freeze or crash. Not only is it great in water it takes amazing photos.

  2. Kendra Golden

    Great video! I've had the iPhone 7 for just over a month and used it in the rain and shower a few times! I've also about had an anxiety attack after dropping it on bricks and concrete a couple 😳 but it still works perfect!

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