Is 32gb enough for an Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus

The Technology Guy looks at how 32gb in an iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus can be enough and gives some hints and tips on how it can be achieved.
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24 thoughts on “Is 32gb enough for an Apple iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 plus

  1. TheKevsterNL

    I currently have a S5 with 16gb of storage, it only gave me 11.5 available space after installation. I currently have 2gb space left with plenty of apps installed. I have a SD card where I have some apps stored and 3000 songs. I don't take a lot of pictures but I do take a lot of screens hots, I have OneDrive premium to move everything once in a while. Would the iPhone 7, 32gb be enough for me if I store like 1000 songs and the things I have now?

  2. Yousif Serwan

    hi friends I am deciding whether to get 32g or 128g let's say I have around 500 pics and 20 vids I have the basic apps like messenger insta etc..I have around 15 games 4 of them take a lot of space like GTA San Andreas or asphalt 8 so do u think 32 gb is enough plz answer and thx

  3. John Paul

    hi buddy, thanks for the video! this is the only one that really and sincerely helped me to decide, appreciate the honesty and the proficiency you put on your works and in particular in this video. I'm about to buy a 7plus 32gb and i want to ask you whats on your phone right now. I mean how many photos/videos/apps approximately and free storage (if still available) you got just to make an idea of it. Thanks again and have a good day. Cheers from Rome!

  4. C.A Mlk

    Ive seen some people that actually break their screen or their phone before they even use their 16 gb storage. Why need alot of storage, you gonna keep on computer or online anyway.

  5. LCPD9111

    I ordered an iPhone 7plus 128gb just to be safe. It should be coming end of the month. Do you think that is too much? I don't play games. I have lot of pictures and music

  6. Ramy 🈵

    So I will buy the Iphone 7 in January after my bday. I dont do videos like you. I can survive with almost 40 songs haha Cause Im not a music lover that much. But I love taking pics with friends alot. I dont play games on my phone either and I dont have alot of apps. Can this be fine?

  7. Nikhil Kawade

    Hi mate, liked the video. However, I still have a question, is 32GB enough for extreme social networking and music? Photos are only taken for purpose of instagram/snapchat etc. How well should it last in storage terms? Doubting cause I'm coming from an android where ios apps are large in size too.. Please if you can help?

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