My battery life on my sexy iPhone 7 Plus

My battery life on my sexy iPhone 7 Plus..

Hey guys… This is my first iPhone ever… I have always been an android user… The battery life that you see here … reflects my first full charge with this phone since I got it brand new… I first killed the battery that came with the phone as they recommend to do before you fully charge it for the first time..

Pretty good results… after using and abusing this phone… Very impressed with the battery life on my iPhone 7 plus…

17 thoughts on “My battery life on my sexy iPhone 7 Plus

  1. C.A Mlk

    I used iphone from iphone 2 to iphone 6 i tried note 4 and samsung s6 and s7, Samsung s7 have a bit better battery life depend on Cell network signal. I think ill go back to Apple again, since apple phones last longer for me than samsungs.

  2. mohamed mounes

    my s7 have 3000ma too but on a 2k display and usage time is no less than 16 hours and screen on time is in between 6 and 7 hours !!!
    in iPhone u can't see screen on time but if you download an app for that I think you can so downlan app if available and see what is the screen on time of the 7plus!!

  3. Jeremy Dumitrache

    They are good numbers! I've never owned a plus model (only 6 and 6S) so I wouldn't be able to compare as all the plus models have bigger batteries. My current iPhone SE gets 6-8 hours usage, could go for 20 or so hours standby depending how heavy my usage is

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