OnePlus 3T – Speaker Test!

OnePlus 3T Speaker test vs Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 7+ vs Google Pixel XL vs LG V20 all on max loudness.
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32 thoughts on “OnePlus 3T – Speaker Test!

  1. Memento Mori

    Can you please make a OnePlus 3T Vs iPhone SE video? I'm aware of the OP3 vs SE video. I just wanna see an updated comparison of the budget phones going up against each other. Thanks in advance mate. And which of the two would you person recommend?

  2. Yassin Droid

    tech trinkets you are very hard worker we appreciate that you deserve alot of subscribing but i have just one problem with youre video
    when you do speedtest you dont have a order to follow you must have all things ready before doing video. like what app a will do in speed test…..
    and you need just a little grafik in your video just simple one
    sorry for my bad explication
    but i still love your channel

  3. taroozee “tarek” zinati

    ofcourse loud noise from a smartphone doesn't give the best quality of it. But in my oppinion if you want to go with a high quality sound effect in loud noise from a smartphone i would say the lg v20 has a smooth beat in it and the google pixel goes more in treble. So if i wanted to rate these phones i say:
    1. LG v20
    2. iphone 7+ (not a big fan of apple)
    3. samsung galaxy s7 edge
    4. one plus 3T
    5. google pixel
    (BTW i don't own none of these phones)
    Plz can you make another test with the htc 10?

  4. Ryan Barclay

    hey this would be a good video if testing volume was the main factor in audio quality, however this video does not test the quality of the sound at comparative volumes , and this would be more useful

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