OnePlus 3T vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Battery Charging Speed Test

OnePlus 3T (Dash Charge) vs Samsung Galaxy S7 (Fast Charging) Battery Charging Test. How long do each of these take to fully charge?
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Battery sizes: OnePlus 3T 3400 mAh vs Galaxy S7 Edge 3600 mAh

Pixel XL vs iPhone 7 Plus vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Battery Charging Speed Test –

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49 thoughts on “OnePlus 3T vs Galaxy S7 Edge – Battery Charging Speed Test

  1. Karan Singh

    the oneplus 3t uses an 4 amp. charger compared to the 2 amp charger on the s7 edge but still s7 was just 5 min. late with 3600mah battery compared to 3400mah battery so that means that samsung's technology is best.(oneplus 3 user)

  2. ChillNyeTheBroGuy

    So many Samshit fanboys saying it's because the OP3T has a smaller battery. Play the same game on both of them during the charge test. The OP3T will be cool along with little to no lag and the S7E will be so hot and laggy that you can fry an egg on it

  3. Yogesh Bhatnagar

    Hey you Samsung s7 edge is 3600 mah n one plus 3 t is 3400 so obviously one plus 3t will win n however it's jst 6 mins more which s7 edge took as it's 3600 mah see the difference n compare it accordingly.

  4. Udayan Walvekar

    The Main Advantage which many people forget to mention is the fact that Oneplus charges at the same speed whether you are using the phone or not. The phone does not get warm/hot even when you are charging and playing games on it. The charging rate is not affected aswell :)

  5. abed haj yihia

    they are similar….5 minutes= 200mah….and i think this really good for samsung…because it's using older quick charge….it's interesting what they will do with the S8…they should introduce a new fast charging with usb C

  6. Yury Lukin

    If Galaxy S7 edge had the same battery capacity ,it would take ca. 85 minutes to charge completely. Simple mathematics: (3400* 90) /3600 = 85 minutes. That means, both of them have roughly speaking the same charging time.

  7. Simon

    The OnePlus 3T was a lot quicker at the beginning but it was just 6 minutes quicker in the 1-100 run.
    A 6 minute difference is still better than a 2 hour difference…

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