OnePlus 3T vs iPhone 7 Plus – Camera Test! (In-Depth Review)

Lets find out how these two device’s cameras actually performs in real life situation. Hey guys welcome to my channel were I do in-depth camera test. After watching this video, you will have some ease of mind to which device to pick when it comes to camera.

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26 thoughts on “OnePlus 3T vs iPhone 7 Plus – Camera Test! (In-Depth Review)

  1. AllesOverApparaten

    really close. I prefer most of the shots of the OP3T (i have the 3t) but some of the iphone 7+ are better. But for the price the op3t wins. It's just a bit personal preference but i must say the op3t really amazed me.

  2. Abideen Azeez Bayonle

    Thank you so much YourTechGuide. a lot of people have been misled with 5 minutes camera comparison on other channels overrating iPhone, you are the best of all because you take your time to do different scenario for comparison. iPhone 7+ really do bad with huge price. Keep it up. Love your work. BIG UP ONEPLUS 3T.

  3. Melbourne Dauz (xMelBurNx)

    Simply wow of the OP3T. I've been using the ip7+ of my girlfriend and the camera is really great but the phone is expensive as hell. Im still using a phone of 2014 and I'm waiting a phone that is worth to pay for. OP3T has really surprised me, but I wish if the could put dual speakers. It would be perfect for me. Maybe OP4.

    Nice video dude 😀 Filipino?

  4. Алексей Вдовин

    У OnePlus более объемный звук, но у iphone более чистый, но не такой объемный) а вот камера, все же, показалась лучше у OnePlus. А качество фронтальной камеры iphone просто убило, ужас.

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