Osmo Mobile – My new vlogging camera?!?

Kristina and I head down to Long Beach for a day in the sun on a sailboat. I put the Osmo Mobile to the test with all of its available accessories, shooting in 4k with the Filmic Pro app on my iPhone 7.

Kevin Kozicki Photography

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6 thoughts on “Osmo Mobile – My new vlogging camera?!?

  1. The Adventures of Sasha

    iPhone battery life is really the weak link when using the Osmo Mobile. I can easily drain an iPhone 6S battery in less than 45 minutes of use with an Osmo Mobile and that does not mean I've captured 30 minutes worth of video. I also carry an extra iPhone and a USB battery pack.

  2. Thor Hammer

    Problem with my iPhone 7 plus / Osmo combo: Sound! The Osmo covers the Lightning port, no way to plug in a microphone. Is someone (DJI?) working on it?

    Is Bluetooth the answer? Lipsync could be solved in sw, but will the quality be good enough? Or will someone just make a thin 90 degree Lightning to 3,5 mm connector that doesn't stick out more than a couple of mm? The ones I have found are audio out only.

  3. Jesse King

    Love the new subscribe screen at the end. Very clean, never seen anything like it before at the end of a vid.

    Also, what was up with the few shots where heads were chopped off. I thought that was the Osmo's bread and butter

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