Phone Trumps: iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

Google Pixel phone vs Apple iPhone 7: Phone Trumps Episode 2

Which is best, the Pixel phone or the iPhone 7? This battle of the best of Android vs the best of iOS compares Google’s flagship phone and Apple’s latest iPhone in five different rounds:


Whichever phone wins the most rounds, takes home the trophy.

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9 thoughts on “Phone Trumps: iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

  1. Luis Nava

    The Pixel is so much better than the iphone in every single way, except for water resistance. The pictures and videos are better; It's not over-saturated like apple users say, it does make more pleasing photos with great colors, better stabilization, and better dynamic range. The AI is better with Google Assistant, often answering questions two to three times faster than Siri. The android os is better and more intuitive. To be honest i find pure stock android simpler than ios, but I guess it just depends on what you are used to, and its more customizable. I can make my phone look like how I want it look, not like how a company thinks my phone should look. I even have the ability to play my old nes and gameboy games with ease whenever i want. I can download songs for free on my phone whenever i want. Also, you can find a lot of apps on the play store for free, that cost money on the app store. There's even entire categories of apps that the app store will never have. And the reception is better as well. There's 24/7 support built into the phone, easily found in the settings with a swipe to the right, where you can chat with someone to help you. It's very fast and snappy without any lag. There's no camera bump. There's a headphone jack. There's fast charging. It has better battery life and a higher resolution amoled display. It has a better screen to bezel size ratio. There's free unlimited storage for photos and videos at original quality on google photos. And if you truly think the phone is ugly, then slapping a D brand skin on it will make it look pretty dope. And also, you can expect a lot more features to come next year on the pixel 2.

  2. ganjabobby

    Google iPhone vs Apple iPhone. I've lost interest since Google killed the Nexus brand which always had other manufacturers involved, now it's just vanilla. Nexus 6P will become a collector's item.

  3. TeamRespawn

    Don't understand the point of this video if the phones are just going to end up in a tie anyways. What about the fact the Pixel has a headphone jack and a non proprietary charging port? Or that it offers unlimited free photo and video backup? Or Google assistant built in that is more responsive than Siri?

    The winner is clear. Pixel > iPhone

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