[Privacy Filter] Tateguard Iphone 7 Tempered Glass Screen Protector [Privacy-Proof][Edge-to-Edge Coverage] [Front + Back PET protector] [Black Tooling]

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New Features:
1.The protector can cover your screen edge-to-edge,give your screen perfect protect.
2.The screen protector look and feel amazing.It can protect your privacy and trade secret.The stranger beside you can not see the information in your screen.
3.The screen protector make of special steel ,hardness is up to 9H.It can gives screen the maximum protect,avoid smudges of sharp objects, scratches, wear, blast.
4.Premium tempered glass makes this screen protector smooth and touch sensitivity.Giving you real feeling.
5.The 0.3 mm thickness screen protector provide you HD Ultra Clear image all the time.
6.It is easy to install,tight adsorption won’t produce any air bubbles.

Installation Introduction:
1.Step 1: clean the screen of your device so it becomes clear of all the dust particles. 
Step 2: Hold the protector from its sides and peel off the thin, clear sheet. This will reveal the glass’s adhesive side. 
Step 3: Align the glass’s bottom with your phone and then lay it down very gently. Before you continue, ascertain that the protector is parallel with the device.
Step 4: Press the glass’s center softly and then glide your finger down your device’s center. This will help the adhesive spread out smoothly and evenly. 
Step 5: If you find any bubbles on the protector, push them towards the sides with the microfiber cloth.

Package including:
1*Edge-to-Edge Anti-spy Tempered Glass Screen Protecto
1*Carbon Fiber Back Protector
*Dry and Wet Alcohol Wipe
*Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth
*Dust Removal Stickers
Edge to Edge coverage and Privacy proof.
Special developed size with Cases compatible.
The protector made from highest quality,hardness is up to 9H,protect your screen from scratch of sharp objects, scratches, wear, blast.
The screen protector touch sensibility and accuracy
Easy to install,tight adsorption won’t produce any air bubbles. 

Discounted Price – $45.99

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