Review: iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

A brief look at Apple’s new iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case. I also briefly compare the new Smart Battery Case to the iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case. The new case features a much bigger battery, a larger camera opening, and other changes.

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45 thoughts on “Review: iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case

  1. Vfsj Vanessa

    Hey is it ok for us to charge the smart battery case and iphone together inside the case all at one go? Will it affect both the iphone and smart battery case after a long time? Thanks and love ur video! :)

  2. maestruoso

    Very detailed video. Loved it! Keep up with the good work 🙂
    One more thing: how it behaves with dust? Does it look dirty when you pull out your phone from your jeans?

  3. Victor Mihaiu

    Hey, nice review. Saw the iphone 7 in the 6s smart case but my question is, does the Iphone 7 Smart battery case work with an Iphone 6S? I have an iphone 6s and i wanted to see if i could just buy the 7 smart case to benefit from the bigger battery.

  4. hur l

    i dont get it. so when the phone battery reaches 100% it'll keep charging? what if ur phone battery broke bcs overcharged? can somoene explain pls

  5. Michael tucker

    Mine is charging all the time even when at 100 percent, is that normal? And my battery status doesn't show up only when plugged in and unplugged just for a sec. any help would be great!! Just got this yesterday.

  6. Alex Hiratsuka Wu

    I think you missed the most important point. With that case you can charge your phone and also be able to use airpods…. Cause shit is getting serious now… Either you listen to music or charge the phone

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