Review: We Filmed This Entire Video Using the iPhone 7 | WIRED

The iPhone 7 Plus is touted as *the* mobile low-light camera. It’s got dual lenses, an f/1.8 aperture, image stabilization, and an even brighter flash. But how much better is it? We tested it out by filming this entire video with iPhone 7.

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28 thoughts on “Review: We Filmed This Entire Video Using the iPhone 7 | WIRED

  1. raul espinosa

    Seriously I highly disagree. The cameras take really amazing photos, it is actually the best feature on the 7 plus. It is also a very noticeably difference from my 6 plus. Highly recommend it to anyone who wants a honest opinion

  2. Dylan Robertson

    I don't think the point of smartphone cameras was to ever replace a DSLR…They can take some high quality photos and videos yeah but it's still a phone camera. More so it's better for those times that you don't want to have to carry around a large DSLR or even something like a GoPro. So you can just pull out your phone and still get good shots from it. For the iPhone 7 a lot of that goes along with the f/1.8 and the dual lens system as well as water resistance.

  3. Lindsay Oakes

    It's rubbish. Buy a real camera. And for those who think cameras can't cope with low light try Sony A7s. Oh and for all those pillocks who shoot stuff vertically – turn the phone round at least to shoot landscape – like the way we see – doh!

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