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– In store only, Best Buy will give you a free iPhone SE with iPhone 7 or 7 Plus for Sprint
– Ask Google offline, get search results later
– Tag Heuer confirms luxury Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch, GPS and Android Pay support in tow
– Samsung finally makes Nougat…

37 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 postmortem live stream, iPhone 7 deals & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. Evan axm

    apparently the battery well was not big enough for the battery expansion wile charging and discharging by default. and that leads to stupid users that don't care to know how to use a android phone. ppl should stick to iPhones is they want everything easily done for them.

  2. mcool93

    Jaime, the ONLY reason Samsung is able to push the next android updates to S7 owners at least a month earlier than usual is because of the death of the note 7. Once note 7 died, S7 upgraded from its second class citizen status back to flagship status in Samsung's priority. This is great news for Galaxy S7 owners as it's the first time that a galaxy S flagship lasts more than 6 months in limelight!

  3. rick zanotti

    Totally agree, Samsung rushed the Note 7 out and Marketing and execvutives should be canned for that. As a Note 7 user I'm not happy. Can't wait6 to get rid of the Moto Z force I got to replace it (junk).

  4. Will Newcomb

    For Samsung's future it's important that their announcement tomorrow is honest and believable. I think it should be since they seem to have behaved very well about recalling the phone. I wish them well (iPhone7+ user).


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  6. fredofoto

    My thoughts on the the cause of the Note7 meltdown have to do with USB-C and the specialized liquid cooling system Samsung designed for the Note7. The S7 and S7-Edge also had a similar liquid cooling system design but with Micro-USB connector. USB-C I do believe allows for higher current draw and I think some Note7s had a cooling system flaw that caused the to failure. The USB-C higher current produces more heat and the battery is the recipient of that heat thus the need for the cooling. If the cooler fails you have heat build-up. Detectors are suppose to sense this but perhaps they also were damage so the processor was not able to shut the charging down. Lithium-Ion once ignited starts it's own chain reaction of course and we have meltdown. Sort of like a nuclear reactor that looses its ability to cool itself and you get a runaway reaction boiling the water away which results in excessive steam and BOOM! explosion

  7. H3çTöR

    It could be because of the smaller battery. I mean, it was smaller than the S7 Edge, and the Note7 is a more demanding phone. The smaller battery likely couldn't handle what the Note7 was trying to do.

  8. 2ξ6 ŁØRδ

    Absolutely i agree with you samsung rushed hard to announce the fully loaded smartphone to out throw apple alas it fails that there reputation went so down that consumers will be thinking once for many more coming years before buying samsung products again….😎

  9. Daniel Respecio

    Since it commonly explodes during charging, it likely has something to do with the space of the battery, Li-on batteries (which the note7 used) expand and contract whenever they heat up, without space they would build up pressure and eventually explode. I personally managed to get my Galaxy S4 up to 50 degrees celcius (or just up to a point where i could not even touch it) and it did not explode caise it had a few more millimeters of space. So in short the reason it explodes is because there was little to no space for the battery to expand leading to the cause of the explosion.

  10. LazorVideos

    My take on the note 7 issue

    A lithium polymer cell works by having two different electrodes, one positive and one negative, for lithium ions to move from one electrode to the other. There is a thin layer of plastic in between the two electrodes that keeps them from direct contact (to prevent ions from rapidly flowing and generating heat). What went wrong was that this separator was too thin (and possibly too narrow), which allowed the electrodes to directly touch eachother at the edges, which generated enough heat to ignite the electrolyte and start a hot fire. This explains why the "explosion" occurs by chance, and this means it could happen to anyone. BE CAREFUL! This can happen when the phone is off too.

  11. Superuser

    No matter what happened, they recalled it and killed it before it got to far out of hand.
    It will only make the next flagship better, and i would buy the s8 over a already dated iphone any day.


    the main reason behind the note 7 blast is insufficient space for the battery in the phone and also samsung testing lab did not test the phone the properly as well
    these are the main reason behind note 7 mess

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