Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs iPhone 7 Plus | Video confronto di Spazio iTech

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20 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Vs iPhone 7 Plus | Video confronto di Spazio iTech

  1. Blascorosso

    ok,grazie per la risposta,mi spiace che hai avuto problemi,spero sia riuscito a risolvere,comunque non è certo per questo che non ti seguiro piu' 😉 ciao a presto buon lavoro.

  2. Blascorosso

    il volume è bassissimo non si sente nulla con il volume del pc a palla non si sente nulla,ho hai problemi con il microfono,oppure sei troppo lontano cerca di sistemare grazie,altrimenti diventa inutile guardare i video sono solo immaggini,spero d'esserti stato utile, ciao e buon lavoro.

  3. R T (juprob)

    I'm to the point Im done with buying any new phones, I have the iPhones7 plus it still lags,yep, and I have the Note 7 and sucker just crash so hard by taking a photo. I feel these companies keep packing more crap, charging premium prices and for what, everytime a upgrade to software or hardware never fixes the issues before and adds more stuff we really don't need. Never really fixing lag. Yet we stand in lines, some people go broke just to have the next greatest. I can recall my first few iPhones, iPhone first Gen (ran awesome), 3gs fantastic no lag, 4 ran like butter, 4s same, when the iPhone 6 came and Apple fired Scott after the iPhone 5, seems lag begin, the same with my Notes, strangly my burner cheap android phones I have for spares when I go places that dont have ATT or TMO, those cheaper Andoid phones and iPhone SE run amazing and work everytime. And never skips a beat. Im really upset because I just had and embarrassing moment with my Note 7 and so as I stood there I then pulled my iPhone 7Plus out of pocket and the sucker was frozen on the home screen. Just all crap!!!!! Lag is so bad on either phones that I have to wait to do simple things like even texting too fast will slow the iPhone down. The last few years all these expensive high-end phone don't run consistently high-end. Magic my ass. #samsung #iphone #apple #note7

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