Samsung Note 7 vs iPhone 7

Thinking of switching from Google Nexus 5 to either Samsung Note7 or iPhone 7.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Note 7 vs iPhone 7

  1. Robert Petras

    OMG, this was very authentic… 😉 After some serious topic you can even make me laugh which is huge 'cuz I had a very tough workday. I really like the way how you make some kind of experience here at Youtube. Still I hope you will go back to the roots at some point. ✌️

  2. Michael Thomas

    Been listening to a lot of iOS podcasts and they've been saying the same thing, laptops moving towards being more like tablets with a keyboard, they want a fully functionaL Xcode app on the iPad Pro. Apple don't seam to have much time for the Mac Pro anymore, hence the delay. By the way I released my first iOS app. Thanks for all the videos Stef :)

  3. jtimpe31

    I'm an iPhone user and iOS Developer — and honestly thinking of switching to android because of how much I disliked iOS 10 (I had the beta for a little while). Apple's continuity system is the only thing making the decision difficult right now.

  4. tear728

    In my opinion, now that the processing power of our mobile devices far exceed our normal uses for them, it's pretty much comes down to what operating system you like most.

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