Shootout Review: iPhone 7 Plus for Photographers

So, is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus really the greatest smartphone camera ever?

That’s the question many are asking of a phone that’s being marketed as a potential camera killer, one that’s already as good as sold out at retail over the weekend. At its Sept. 7 event, Apple said the new camera was so good, it was getting close to DSLR quality.

To see just how the camera fared, we tested the iPhone 7 Plus against the flagship Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, a mid-range Canon DSLR, the $1,200 80D and the…

9 thoughts on “Shootout Review: iPhone 7 Plus for Photographers

  1. 29kalel

    One thing you have to understand. This phone is not trying to beat a dslr. It is the perfect companion to a dslr. And this is what apple is going for. Those situations where you can't get that dslr ready to shoot in time or when you can't have a dslr at all.

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