Silver 128GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing – Apple has released a new smartphone with the iPhone 7 Plus Sascha Pallenberg from Mobile Geeks unboxes the silver iPhone. Find out how the iPhone 7 Plus looks

35 thoughts on “Silver 128GB Apple iPhone 7 Plus Unboxing

  1. Sagar Kumar

    3.5 headphone jack is 100 years Technology . Thank god apple you moving on to future . You always be awesome. But anyway i never use apple earphones :v i am using 5S but i am using Sony MDR-XB50AP earphone. So apple never can compare with sony brand earphones or headphones for sound quality. very nice unboxing rev :)

  2. corsinivideos

    Nice review but…..for a start there have already been a whole series of comparisons and it can compete but definitely not outperform the Galaxy S7 range on image quality. It is comparable, but in all these tests I have seen it still loses to the S7 range especially on focus speeds and in low light and lets not forget the S7 is almost half a year old. From the hype at the press conference I was expecting more, it has definitely not delivered a big step up over Samsung at all. And I would expect the S8 will beat the iphone 7 range when it drops. Don't get me wrong It looks like it is still a very good camera but by no means outclasses the competition. Also there is no need to even talk about DSLR's as there are ultra compact cameras that will decimate this iPhones camera. Namely the Sony RX100 MK4 amongst a few others, again. Don't get me wrong the camera on the iphone 7 plus seems good….but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

  3. A.S. Chaponga

    This is actually a great phone, well I'm sure most people already know that… it's mostly great for those of us who so much enjoy our privacy and that extra sense of security you get with iPhones, can't wait to buy me one…

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