Smartphone Camera Software Blur SUCKS! – iPhone 7 Plus vs Mate 9 vs Galaxy S7 vs Pixel XL

Let’s be real. Smartphone cameras aren’t as good as REAL cameras yo. Truth. Here are the deets on four SUCKY phones, which shoot SUCKY photos, using SUCKY software blur! Bokehtastic? NOT!!!


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45 thoughts on “Smartphone Camera Software Blur SUCKS! – iPhone 7 Plus vs Mate 9 vs Galaxy S7 vs Pixel XL

  1. timo vuur

    I don't really see any downside with the huawei camera app even the bokeh effect works easy enough. although it would have been nice to have some kind of auto function for bokeh. so it might be something they could implement in the nougat update for the huawei p9

  2. Ahmad Kabir

    Excellent video again but considering the fact that at the same price point you only get either an excellent camera (only) or a complete smartphone that can capture beautiful images without any hassle
    The photos from a fully fledged camera are definitely better but smartphone cameras have come a long way too…:)
    Anyways good video!

  3. Infidel Gastro

    Yeah. If I use the camera on my HTC 10 five times a year it's a lot. I'm not a shutterbug by any stretch of the imagination and cameras are never going to be a high priority on my mobile device, just as long as I can get a decent looking shot on full auto, I'm happy.

  4. Marcus: MST

    I don't understand his point. It does what the big ass camera does. Arguably quicker, unless you're telling me that the DSLR camera requires NO camera settings and is point and shoot? None of them suck! The Canon pic at the end made the whole dog look blurry and not jus the background.

  5. Natan Facchin

    Really cool video! 😀
    I'd add that the S7 [and iPhone 7] you have a large aperture to shoot cool unedited bokeh as well :}
    I think the S7 does a little better on this mode because of closer focus and slightly larger aperture, but both phones perform really well.
    But very nice videos, all of them perform very different on fake bokeh :}
    [Edit: I don't see great value in the second iPhone 7+ camera for the bokeh effect but I think the "optical zoom" is neat].

  6. Don Barron

    Juan Carlos Bagnell can you please do an advanced look at the Mate 9 Camera's features in both Auto and Pro mode? It's deep enough that a long segment is possible and I'm sure a lot of users would appreciate getting the most out of the camera's features.

  7. Shad Kerr

    I always heard ISO was an acronym meaning International Organization for Standardizations (not the best acronym but an acronym nonetheless). I used to work in a photo lab back in the late 90's and remember seeing film with ASA ratings, too (the American equivalent). It's like nails on a chalkboard when I hear people pronounce it as a word, it's an acronym.

  8. Mohamed Saqr

    well i have the 2014 htc one m8 eye .. and it takes normal pictures plus some informations from the 2ndary cam
    when you want to add the plur you just use the htc photo editor and you can also control the amount of plur in the shot just like huawei …

  9. joko wahono adi prasetyo

    yeah, i just tried bokeh-ing photos. i bought this Xiaomi redmi pro with dual sensor 13+5 mp camera. I wont say it capture a great shot, but it brings the same freature as you'd find on Huawei phones for under $200. Though, i dont think you can find it in US. :)

  10. Shawn Mendes

    The trick? All that's left for brand manufacturers is to put 1" sensor and f1.0 aperture, as well as 2um pixel size and OIS on smartphones, then they can produce deeper bokeh (surely not DSLR level) than software blur can

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