Comparing unedited video footage from Sony RX100 V, iPhone 7 Plus, and GoPro Hero 4 Session. Thanks for checking out the video! Please share and subscribe ­čÖé

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15 thoughts on “SONY RX100 vs iPHONE 7 vs GOPRO – VIDEO TEST

  1. Wild Beast

    The iPhone really did an amazing job out there. It's kinda funny, how an iphone, cheaper than the rx100 mk5 can perform better than it.
    By the way, really liked the video!´╗┐

  2. J Gallagher

    Wow, the iPhone7+ looked the best to me too. I will say your face looked a little "touched up" with warm tones on it, but the gradual transition from the closeup tree to the background forrest looked smoother than the RX100. Surprising, because an unlocked iPhone is probably the same price as the Sony (plus it's a phone).´╗┐

  3. Power Pics

    Thanks for posting. All 3 are great. The Sony is going to have the most control and options in a variety of ways. The IPhone looks good and people usually always have their phone with them, and the GoPro has a wider POV and it will also go underwater.

    Great video is no longer about the camera because they are all good. Great video is about having a concept and executing it with skill.´╗┐

  4. Andy P

    I was surprised at how great the iPhone 7 Plus camera is. I would take it for the types of videos that I make.

    GoPro doesn't compare well with these 2 in this setting. It is better for POV and action sports. I have made lots of videos on my channel with only GoPro and they are great videos.

    Which is the best in your opinion?´╗┐

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