Tesla Model S P100D Impressions!

One of the first Tesla Model S P100D in the world. Her name’s Apollo.

Shot on iPhone 7 Plus in 4K. Unboxing:

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42 thoughts on “Tesla Model S P100D Impressions!

  1. themax2go

    Nice short review – don't know your channel yet, will check your others out. Btw if you haven't done yet and IDK if that's avail in your area you reside in, but I read on Tesla's website that, if you have the advanced sensor package (or whatever it's called) then the car will drive itself and even charge itself (you have to be sitting in the car though) at compatible charging stations! That'd be cool to see that in action! 😀

    A few things I'd like to mention:

    IDK if you still read comments on here… I was just wondering, what made you decide for this particular color (outdoor) – I just configured me a S P100D on their website, I forgot what the color is called but it looks like the one you chose is grey or bluish. Looks great either way!

    Re. some other comments about EV vs hybrid – I have a 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid (titanium, w/ leather seats of course), which did great with about 1k mile trips made – not having to spend a lot of time for refueling if you make long trips, then that's the most time-economic way to travel (until batteries develop that also provide 800 to 1k miles range). But I'll definitely get me the same model you have, for shorter or less time-sensitive trips, because I love everything high-tech that's well engineered!

    I'd love for Tesla to produce next a full-size SUV and pickup truck – but that's prolly 5 to 10 years down the road.

    Looking forward seeing more Tesla vids from you!

  2. Nandan Kumar

    Hi Kumar ,
    why don't u make a channel for review of expensive cars….
    I love ur tech channel (MKBHD)… I ll b waiting to see ur new channel on car…
    if u alredy have a channel on cars… plz notify me…

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