The $70 iPhone 7!

An unboxing and full review of the iPhone 7 Clone/Goophone i7.

Keep in mind that this is an early video, i’ll do my best to improve the quality of my videos over time, so hopefully you guys will stick around!

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50 thoughts on “The $70 iPhone 7!

  1. incredibil45

    To people asking why others want this phone,the answer is so simple. Because of the same reason other people buy iphones only to use them for talk,sms,facebook and instagram:they want to show off…you wont know its a fake iphone when you see someone talking on it on the street,and maybe not even when you will look at it.Only when you get to use it you will realise its a clone.

    This and also those who want to sell it as a genuined iphone to make money (=scammers)

  2. opure

    I'd use it lol, to show people I got a iPhone and then sell it I guess lol idk who would buy it though. I seen people use some fake phones before, like a Galaxy S6. it had version 4.4..

  3. Eoin Gilligan

    Why would you want a fake iPhone though? The whole point in having a high-end phone such as an iPhone 7 is that it has great features, great performance, great camera etc. Other than the nice aesthetics there's literally nothing good about this phone. Nice review nonetheless

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