The Ultimate Google Pixel Drop Test!

Google Pixel:
Google Pixel XL:
Is this the toughest case for the Google Pixel and Pixel XL? Watch as it is tortured, dropped, skipped and thrown from 10-40 feet! It is incredible. Also available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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33 thoughts on “The Ultimate Google Pixel Drop Test!

  1. William Bailey

    Case seems very durable, but kinda wish you'd done a drop from the balcony made made it land flat on the screen, and also throw the phone hard as you can straight down. Screen first hits are notorious about cracking the screen, and I think you'd get a harder impact throwing straight down with less air resistance over the long throw and the slower arc back down it makes in long throw.

  2. · KING ·

    I cringed every time I heard it hit the ground lol …but I'm completely impressed that you football tossed that thing down the street and there STILL wasn't a scratch on the phone lol smh.. I'm sold. It may look similar to an iPhone but it sure isn't a delicate flower like the iPhone. Great video Danny!

  3. Andrew Williams

    So do you think the screen protector played a good part of it not breaking, any at all?

    would be interesting to see you do, the same tests without the screen part, and just the bumper alone (preferably a new bumper, not the same beat up one).

  4. Sanjay Janardhan

    Hey….just a warning…. RhinoShield messed up on their pixel and pixel xl bumpers. The charging hole is too small, and the case doesnt fit right, so they have sponsored many youtubers to promote the product to get rid of the doubt, just to let you know. The other bumpers are still great though :)

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