The World’s Thinnest iPhone 7 Case? Peel Review

Unboxing and Review of the Super Thin Peel Case for the iPhone 7 Plus. After recieving my iPhone 7 Plus I wanted to find a case that would compiment the phone without adding bulk. This case seems to be the perfect match! If you enjoyed the video make sure to like it and subscribe! I have an exciting new video coming out next week!

Peel Case:

5 thoughts on “The World’s Thinnest iPhone 7 Case? Peel Review

  1. Juan Giraldo

    Thanks for the video. You mansion that it has a lip around the camera, does it also has a lip around the edges of the phone, so when you place the phone on a table facing down, the screen won't touch the surface?

  2. Berus7777

    So… things were going well, and then you pulled out a butterfly knife to perform a simple task. Now I am afraid. What is under your desk? A cache of assault weapons? A presa canario? A Trump T-shirt? Yes. I am definitely afraid of you. I thought you were nice with your clean desk and your Peel case… but you turned out not to be with that scary knife and the presa canario under the desk (which I just know is there.)

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