It came down to the Pixel XL and the iPhone 7 Plus. I chose the Google Pixel. Here’s why.
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  1. Manohar singh

    lol and it seems now you are helping Google..well they can hire entire army to praise it's pixel but its a damn boring device at a premium…so they gonna have to build a better looking device and start listening to public who is the actual user of it

  2. Mark Binder

    FYI, the reason Google put the glass on the top of the back is for two reasons.  First, glass allows for better signal strength for LTE, CDMA, GSM and WiFi transmission when compared to metal.  Second, and most important, behind the glass panel is where the NFC chip is located on the Pixel.  You won't find glass on the back of the iPhone 7/Plus because they don't support NFC.  You can "bump" two Google Pixels together and transfer pictures, apps, files, etc.  You can't do that with iPhones.  (aka – reason 26 to own the PIxel).

  3. Bruce Banner

    dtek 60 is a better version of android it's Hands down the best all touch phablet on the market. No other ios or android device has a universal inbox that integrates up to a dozen apps and multiple email accounts into one. ontop of that it has hub custom views and home screen or popup widgets, the device also has a shortcut launcher; allowing users to perform tasks within apps after only a single touch. Then there's the productivity tab, unrivalled security and best in class virtual keyboard. low light camera is the only let down.

  4. Bane Mihajlović

    Background music: ti ti ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu tu tu ti ti ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu tu tu ti ti ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu tu tu ti ti ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu tu tu ti ti ti ti ti ti tu tu tu tu tu tu tu – brain destruction.

  5. Doge Dis

    Apple "hardware": No fast charging, no wireless charging, no usb c, no omeled display, i have to buy the plus to get 1080p really?, removing the headphone jack, and no full nfc support. lazy apple like always fuck off, im coming home android i missed you

  6. Alix Deville

    I have seen all the videos on the pixel and this phone sound soo fucking amazing. But I live in France and we can't buy it yet. Since those two month everyday I search "google pixel France" but nothing new … save mee google

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